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Genesis Collection

Uncover the Heroes of Hiraeth Genesis Collection

In the present Fourth Era, faction leaders carry the title of Heroes, honouring the memory of their noble ancestors who blazed trails across Hiraeth during the Second Era.

Each piece in this collection symbolises their enduring legacy, capturing the spirit of heroic exploration and leadership. Journey with us through time, where past and present converge, as we pay tribute to these Heroes - both those who forged the path and those who now follow it.


Immerse yourself in the captivating saga of Hiraeth, and discover the Hero within you.


  • Name your Hero and your Character will be in our novels

  • VIP Heroes Channel - Alpha, Sneak peaks, direct dialogue with team and decision making

  • % of each future faction collection 

  • Future Collection airdrops + 1 extra if it's the same faction as your hero


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